10 Minute Plays

    Brittle Bones
  • A woman takes in her step-mother when the later breaks a hip, but this does not sit well with the woman's biological mother, who then breaks an ankle. The two women convalesce together, side-by-side, much to the chagrin of their daughter.
  • CAST: 2 women - 60s or olders; 1 woman 20 years+ their junior.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: Bedroom & foyer
  • Choose eScript:
  • A woman goes to the train tracks with the intention of killing herself when the next train comes through. However, her plans are called into question when she discovers she's going to have to wait in line. A man has already claimed the tracks to lie down upon. What transpires has a spiritual twist.
  • CAST: 1 man, 1 woman.
  • RUNNING TIME: 15 minutes
  • SET: bare stage, minimal props
  • NOTES: Simple sound effects and light cues required.
  • Choose eScript:
    Cat, Fish in the Bedroom
  • A woman prepares to evacuate due to an impending fllod, but her husband isn't taking the predictions seriously until the 911 operator interrups his TV show.
  • CAST: 1 woman, 1man mid-40s on up.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: living room filled with boxes, recliner, "TV"
  • NOTES: Simple sound effects required. Named a Finalist in True North's River Festival of Readings, November 2006.
  • Choose eScript:
    Debbie's Private Parts
  • Vulva is steamed at Debbie's recent treatment of her private parts. She's called a meeting of them to organize a mutiny. Present are Vagina, Labia Majora, Clitoris, Vulva and a special guest -- Yeast.
  • CAST: 5 women.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: conference table and chairs.
  • NOTES: Do this play in support of labor unions world-wide.
  • Choose eScript:
    Tight, Warm Places
  • A surreal look inside a talking vagina. Ever wonder what it's thinking? Find out!
  • CAST: 1 man, 3 women.
  • RUNNING TIME: slightly under 10 minutes
  • SET:
  • NOTES: Premiered at the Estrogenius Festival, Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC in October, 2004.
  • Choose eScript:
    Jesus Plays ND
  • A barkeeper and her lone patron in a rural bar in North Dakota overhear the conversation of two men, and believe they've been visited by Jesus, himself, and his disciple, Peter.
  • CAST: 1 woman, 3 men.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: Bar room
  • Choose eScript:
    How to Lose Weight the Bun Buster Weigh
  • An overweight woman succumbs to attending her first weight-loss group meeting and resists the cliched advice, producting side-splitting results.
  • CAST: 6 women.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: a meeting room with chairs and a podium. Includes a "jingle."
  • NOTE: Premiered at the University of Massachuttes in February, 2005.
  • Choose eScript:
    The Hole Story
  • 2 sisters, in their late 50s, early 60s steal a smoke and drink in the family fishing house over Christmas vacation, and realize that no matter how much a mother loves her kids, she still needs to steal away from time to time.
  • CAST: 2 women, about 60s
  • RUNNING TIME: about 10 minutes
  • SET: Fishing House on lake in Minnesota
  • Choose eScript:
    Mourning Coffee
  • What is reality and what is delusion when a woman goes through her morning routine of making coffee for her and her husband? You get to decide in this short with a triple twist.
  • CAST: 1 woman and 1 man or woman for bit part
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: a kitchen
  • NOTE: Premiered at the Ohio State University Senior Theatre Festival, 2003 and finalist for the Eileen Heckert Prize.
  • Choose eScript:
  • A boy listens as his mother is verbally and physically abused off-stage. When she tells him not to interfere, he returns to his video games in an effort to shut out the violence in his home.
  • CAST: adolescent boy, adult male and female off-stage
  • RUNNING TIME: 5 minutes
  • SET: chair, tv, Playstation and controller.
  • NOTE: Be the first to produce this short but powerful treatise on societal violence. Harsh language.
  • Choose eScript:
    Go Away
  • As a woman waits for the next bus to anywhere, she reveals her experience of being stalked.
  • CAST: one woman
  • RUNNING TIME: 5 minutes
  • SET: Bench in a bus station
  • NOTE: Premiered at the University of North Dakota's "Picking Up the Pieces" event, 2005.
  • Choose eScript:
    Judith & Janey
  • Sacajawea and Julia Hancock Clark interact in Julia's dressing room in 1809 St. Louis. Each points out the gender inequities the other faces while trying on the other woman's clothes.
  • CAST: two women, late teens
  • RUNNING TIME: about 12 minutes
  • SET: Dressing room, required pieces include a screen, chair, and mirror.
  • Choose eScript:
    Someone Borrowed, Someone Blue
  • The bride-to-be and her maid of honor scrounge around at the last minute to find the right items to satisfy a bridal tradition, but when the truth comes out, will the superstition be beaten?
  • CAST: two women, anywhere from early 20s to late 30s
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: room off a sanctuary in a NJ church. A couple of chairs required and a standing mirror.
  • Note: Premiered at the NJ Repertory in Long Branch, NJ, 2006.
  • Choose eScript:
    The Abridged Lewis & Clark Adventures
  • 3 girls share the history of the Lewis & Clark expedition with their friend as they get ready to take a history test. Lots of off-stage antics spice up the telling, with anachronistic references.
  • CAST: 4 teen girls
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: bare stage, minimal props
  • Choose eScript:
    gen-tri-fi-ca-tion, noun
  • A college student moves into her new apartment on NYC's Lower East Side during the time of gentrification. She quickly becomes embroiled in class Differences.
  • CAST: 2 women, 1 in late teens/early 20s; 1 in late 50s on up; 2 men, 1 20-30s, 1 70+.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: representative of empty apartment and stoop
  • Choose eScript:
    The Schnabel Family Reunion
  • A low-brow family reunion takes place at a MN burger joint, but when the family patriarch shows up, a long-standing family feud explodes. Includes a "cat fight."
  • CAST: 3 women, 30s+ and 1 man, 70+
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: restaurant
  • Note: Suggest interacting with audience and making them part of the "family"
  • Performed at the 2009 Art & Wine Walk in EGF, MN.
  • Choose eScript:
    For Richer or Porter
  • As is tradition in the Midwest, a groomsmen "kidnaps" the bride after the ceremony, except this bestman is not planning on giving her back.
  • CAST: 1 woman, 20-30; 1 man, late teens/early20s, Bartender man or woman
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: Bar
  • Choose eScript:
    The Recession Hits Fairy Land
  • When a woman wins at pull tabs, she gets 3 wishes from a Fairy Godmother. Except all wishes come with qualifiers due to hard financial times.
  • CAST: 2 women, 20+, 1 bartender, male or female their junior.
  • RUNNING TIME: 10 minutes
  • SET: Bar
  • Choose eScript:
    What Happens on the Terrace, Stays on the Terrace
  • A naughty little play involving women, sex, and a terrace.
  • CAST: 3 women - 30s -40s; 1 man, 30s+
  • RUNNING TIME: 3 minutes
  • SET: A terrace
  • Choose eScript: